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Private Investigators. Professional, rigorous and sensitive with your case

What is Alketa?

Alketa Investigations is a private detective firm located on L’Escala (Costa Brava - Girona) committed to providing information and evidence to our clients.

With a great desire for knowledge and to generate change / Committed to the truth

Intelligent, imaginative and analytical


We follow a professional method based on 5 phases that we have been adapting based on our experience.

This ensures that the client feels informed and present throughout the process, and that we successfully close our investigations.


Initial interview


Budget acceptance




Writing and delivering report


Ratification in court


Professional private detective services for companies and individuals.

We have experience working with:

  • Lawyers
  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Property Managers / Real Estate
  • NGO
  • Private Detectives – Collaborations


* Economic
* Labour

The purpose of the investigations is to help companies to function properly.

  • Loss of assets
  • Information leaks
  • Unfair competition


* Familiar
* Other

We cover any topic that concerns you and that is related to your family and emotional environment. With total privacy and sensitivity.

  • Divorces
  • Custody
  • Locate people

Insurance company

Detectives have a primary role in controlling and fighting against insurance fraud.

  • Thefts
  • Fires
  • Accident simulation

Sick leave

Professional investigation in the detection of disloyal employees and the obtaining of evidence on labor fraud.

  • Fake casualties
  • Real situation of the worker

Location of people

We put all our resources into the urgent and effective search for missing persons without apparent cause.


Specialized in investigations on the law of urban leasing law and non-compliance with obligations.

  • Rentals
  • Tourist flats
  • Illegal occupation

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